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The Genomic Clinic is a cutting edge clinic founded by Dr Harvey Rao MD. The clinic specialises in identifying and treat physiological imbalances including obesity, male, female hormonal imbalances, adrenal dysfunction, environmental toxicity, nutritional deficiencies and genetic risk factors.
Following an initial assessment, screening, and analysis, Dr. Harvey Rao formulates a personalized Genomic Life Plan to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Genomic Life Plan
A blueprint for Optimal Weight Control, Well-being and Longevity.

Health Screening
We have a huge range of screening tools including male/female hormonal panels and gene mapping.

Concierge Medicine
Bespoke personalized long term care. This is a service which entails a long term commitment to your medical care.

Dr. Harvey Rao

Dr. Harvey Rao is an MD graduate from the world famous University College London Medical School (UCLMS) in England. Born and raised in the UK, he developed an early interest in physiology, sports and human performance. In addition to attaining an MD he also achieved a first class honors degree in Physiology from UCL. This sparked his passion for understanding cellular mechanisms which underpin physiological imbalances.

Since graduating and completing his residency in family medicine he has continued pursuing his interest in Functional Medicine and has developed a deep expertise in being able to drill into symptomology down to the Genomic (DNA) level.

After coming to Canada in 2013 he founded the Deansgate Clinic in Edmonton with his colleague Dr. Anil Sharma. The Genomic Clinic is specialized service offering within the prestigious Deansgate Clinic.

At the Genomic Clinic, Dr. Harvey Rao utilizes diagnostics and his clinical acumen to seek to understand, prevent, reverse and mitigate disease process.

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