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The Genomic Life Plan is a weight loss program formulated by Dr Harvey Rao MD and aims to deliver a permanent weight and body transformation at the same time as reducing the risk of developing other chronic conditions including Cancer, Diabetes, Ischemic Heart Disease, Neurocognitive decline and premature ageing. The Genomic Life Plan offers a complete solution to achieving optimal health and peak performance.

Following an initial assessment, screening, and analysis, Dr. Harvey Rao formulates a personalized Gemonic Life Plan to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Why We Must Address Obesity

The leading motivation in most people’s minds for reversal of obesity is usually based on aesthetic and cultural ideals and the desire to maintain a lean physique.

A more pressing concern that should motivate an individual to shed excess fat should be the amplified risk of developing one of the leading five killers of modern man namely:

  • Cancer
  • Ischemic Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Neurocognitive decline
  • Premature ageing

The building blocks of our body (proteins,hormones,enzymes, messengers, tissues, organs) are synthesised from instructions coded in our DNA which is called our Genome. The code sequence is fixed from conception and acts much like the hardware of a computer. Whilst the genetic code is fixed, the translation process (the Software) is extremely moldable and changes in response to diet, environment and lifestyle. Whilst we are unable to change the hardware genetic code we are able to control the programming of the software and shape the translation process from hard genetic code to healthy building blocks of our body. This is effectively reprogramming our genes to express themselves to our advantage. Negative expression of these same genes leads to physiological imbalance and is the root of disease process.

  • Lack of sound medical advice. Most diets are unsupervised and not based on evidence based medicine.
  • Simplistic approaches of calorie counting, unhealthy dieting, dangerous supplementation, unsafe injections often lead to disappointing and short lived results which do not address the underlying cause of obesity.
  • Many physicians themselves are nutritionally challenged and do not have the knowledge or expertise to give accurate dietary advice to patients based on their specific physiology.
  • Failure to address the grassroots dietary, hormonal, environmental and lifestyle causes of the condition and its impact on our genome (DNA).
  • Many obesity clinics are overseen by non-physician clinicians who are extremely knowledgeable about diet but are not trained and licensed to investigate and treat medical conditions which may be causing or ensuing as a result of obesity. The lack of integration between physician and other modalities of care results in fragmented and flawed weight loss strategies. In many cases the underlying causes of obesity are inextricably linked to predispositions towards ischemic heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other chronic conditions which require direct physician management.

Dr Harvey Rao is a family physician who has 19 years of experience in medicine. As well as being an MD he also has a 1st class honors degree in Physiology. He is passionate about his practice of functional medicine and has the expertise to get to the root causes of obesity. He has devised the Genomic Lifestyle Plan to achieve the ultimate body transformations of obesity reversal, longevity and well-being.

The shocking stats…

  • The world is now facing an unprecedented epidemic of obesity which is not being addressed within our current healthcare model. Globally nearly 3 billion people are either overweight or obese.
  • Nearly 70% of adults and 30% of children are either overweight or obese.
  • Most diets result in failure or rapid reversal of results. Some even increase the risk of further health problems. For this reason unsupervised diet modification can be a health hazard.

Dr Harvey Rao MD specialises in reversing the life threatening condition of obesity through his own Genomic Lifestyle Plan for reversing obesity.

Why we must address obesity..

  • The leading motivation in most people’s minds for reversal of obesity is usually based on aesthetic and cultural ideals and the desire to maintain a lean physique.
  • A more pressing concern that should motivate an individual to shed excess fat should be the amplified risk of developing one of the leading five killers of modern man namely:
    • Cancer
    • Ischemic Heart Disease
    • Diabetes
    • Neurocognitive decline
    • Premature ageing
  • Countless medical studies have repeatedly shown that the risk of developing the above and many other chronic conditions is increased many fold by the presence of obesity.
  • Our ultimate aim when reversing obesity is to live longer and live better.

Dr Harvey Rao is a physician who has an interest in Anti-Ageing medicine and has an expertise in reversing disease process at the epigenetic level. He has devised the Genomic Life Plan to reverse obesity to dramatically increase the chances of a longer healthier life.

  • Excess fat is not just excess baggage but is a far more complex entity. It has the ability to act like an organ in its own right and produce hormones which can cause detrimental imbalances in many physiological systems of the body. Understanding this complexity is the key to reversing obesity.
  • Obesity is a group of processes which collectively result in fat build up in the body, insulin resistance, metabolic dysfunction and hormonal imbalances.
  • Fat is an evolutionary entity which serves as an energy store. Excess consumption of certain foods results in an energy imbalance with the body stocking up on excess energy within vital organs such as the liver, pancreas and within subcutaneous tissues. This begins the cascade of processes which result in the body’s inability to regulate this storage process and a spiral of ever increasing fat storage and obesity begins.
  • Overconsumption of food is a complex process influenced by psychological, social, dietary, hormonal and genomic factors. The body’s ability to regulate its energy needs under the guidance of hormone signaling begins to fail. Understanding which of these factors is underlying the process is pivotal in determining the most effective long lasting obesity reversal programme.
  • Fat accumulation is associated with hormonal dysfunction namely insulin, ghrelin, leptin, growth hormone, cortisol amongst other hormones. A complex disruption in the biofeedback loops controlling energy balance result in a vicious cycle of obesity which plagues many all of their lives.
  • ULTIMATELY THE ROOTS OF ALL OF THE ABOVE PHYSIOLOGICAL CHANGES LIE IN YOUR GENES. Research shows that there are modifiable parts of our DNA. When these vulnerable parts of the DNA are modified it leads altered expression of our genes. In the case of obesity, altered expression of these genes starts the cascade of events which lead to impairments in hormones, proteins, enzymes and ultimately fat formation. These genes put simply have pivotal roles in glucose and lipid metabolism. Obesity is hence very much a process which occurs through interaction of our diet, environment, lifestyle with our DNA.

Dr Harvey Rao bases his treatments of obesity on the Functional Medicine approach that one condition (Obesity) can have many causes (dietary, lifestyle, environmental, genomic). He is able to identify the root cause of an individual’s obesity and reverse the process through a personalised Genomic Life Plan.

The Genomic Lifestyle Plan ensures safe long term weight loss with an aim to a complete transformation of the body deep down at the genomic level.

We aim to reduce 2-4 pounds per week with our programme, though results may vary for individuals.

We aim to not only get quick long lasting results but at the same time reduce the risk of cancer, ischemic heart disease, diabetes, neurocognitive decline and premature ageing. Our ultimate goal is longevity through precision medicine.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Program

Obesity is a reversible process. Before an effective plan of reversal can be formulated the underlying reason as to why you are obese must be understood.

Obesity is a physiological imbalance which results from a complex interaction of diet, lifestyle and environment with our DNA. Our Genomic Lifestyle Plan is formulated on cutting edge medical research to address these physiological imbalances in our body. This is the key to undoing Obesity and increasing longevity. Our aim is to target the DNA and reprogram gene expression to allow for effective weight loss.

Initial Assessment and Diagnostics

As part of our initial assessment we gather detailed histories from each patient to understand and quantify their dietary, lifestyle and environmental status. Through physical examination and further evaluation with diagnostic tests we seek to understand the impact that the diet, environment and lifestyle is having on your genes and the subsequent impact on hormone systems, metabolism and fat accumulation.

Our diagnostic testing is sophisticated and Dr Rao utilizes leading labs from around the world to provide us with vital hormonal, genetic, nutritional, toxicity markers to aid in the data analysis phase of the plan.

Gastrointestinal Support and Detoxification

We provide targeted support to the GI system to support the digestion and assimilation processes of the body, which over time may have become inefficient contributing to obesity and metabolic disturbance in the body. This is effectively a reboot of the system prior to starting the diet plan. We utilize both oral and IV detoxification therapies.

A Personalized Diet Plan

We aim to provide customized Diet Plans to safely and effectively lower percentage body fat to reverse this life shortening health state. Adherence to our diet plans ensures safe and rapid reversal of excess fat.

Nutraceutical Supplementation

To accelerate fat mobilization. We have formulated our own cutting edge supplements which have effectiveness in enhancing fat breakdown in a safe manner. We provide monthly packages of supplements which are easy and safe to administer.

Holistic Nutritional Coaching

Implementation, monitoring and supporting the dietary aspects of the Genomic Lifestyle Plan is critical in achieving long term weight loss. Our licensed holistic health coach is an expert in diet and is able to offer one to one food diary planning and analysis. In our experience this area is hugely important to ensure compliance with the Life Plan and success in weight loss.

Life Coaching

We offer in house Life coaching to identify and manage factors which may affect compliance to the Genomic Lifestyle Plan. We have our own licensed life coaches in the practice who are able to work with patients on a one on one basis to ensure motivation from a psychological perspective remains high. In many cases our dietary habits are linked to psychological issues which need to be addressed.

Physical Training Plan

We offer personalized physical training plans to accelerate the fat mobilization process.

Prescription Medications

In cases where severe obesity is posing an imminent threat to well-being we are able to prescribe FDA approved medications which can aide in the process of weight reduction. These medications are directly only prescribed and supervised  by MDs.

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